Wednesday, April 6, 2016

How Can A Flash Drive Make You Anonymous On Your Computer?

UPDATE: As of April 8th 2014 Microsoft stopped supporting Windows XP, which is the only OS compatible with the Stealthsurfer. So because of this, this flash drive is obviously now not able to work. Certainly this is unfortunate because this was a great product. On 8-29-09 I first started using the Stealthsurfer Flash Drive. The setup was quick and easy. With the Stealthsurfer running, I can switch between host. Meaning online without Stealthsurfer, and with. I'm in Sarasota Florida. With the Stealthsurfer enabled, My IP address shows up in Germany. Pretty cool. Total protection against any threats. Anti-spyware does not protect you against all threats. Adding the Stealthsurfer can.

When you are on your computer you can be tracked. Your emails and activity can be intercepted. When you are doing banking and credit card transactions you can be tracked. Lifelock commercials would say an identity is stolen every 3 seconds. Also approximately 80% of companies track employee Internet activity.

I found a product that protects you against cyber tracking, cyber spying, keylogging, etc. A really good one.
The Product? The Stealthsurfer. A flash drive that was manufactured in Canada. This allows you to be online anonymously (keeping your IP address invisible), creating an encrypted path between your computer and the Internet using 128-bit SSL technology, the most secure form of SSL available. Also the Stealthsurfer keeps all your Internet activity off your hard drive and on the flash drive.

The technology the Stealthsurfer uses has been around for some time. And is widely used by journalist, blogger, human rights workers, law enforcement, military, corporations and citizens of oppressed nations.


According to Wikipedia, anonymizer or anonymous proxy is a tool that can make activity on the Internet untraceable. Originally developed by US Navel Research with funding from the DOD, originally developed onion routing, which is multi-layered cryptography ensuring perfect secrecy between routers. TOR was later developed by scientist at the Navel Research Labs in 2002, and is second generation onion routing which claims to enable users to communicate anonymously on the Internet.

Sure this technology can be used in a good and bad way. For the good way it's added protection. And real piece of mind. This is the only plug-and-go product manufactured in the world that is portable. Perfect if you use other computers. At work, etc. And honestly, flash drives are the coolest gadgets around.

Tech websites did reviews on the Stealthsurfer and they were very good. Mobile Tech Reviews had a review in 2007. Also another review was done in 2005 at The


These are websites that promise to hide your identity when you visit
other sites. But what's the point? Going through these sites you are still not secure. They can track and gather info on you. Can you trust them? I certainly wouldn't. What I have found is that when you plug the Stealthsurfer into the port, your computer might not recognize it. I thought it was messed up somehow. However, the solution is very simple. This is what you have to do:

(1) Click on your desktop icon "My Computer"
. (2) Click on "View System Hardware". (3) Click on "Hardware". (4) Click on "Device Manager". (5) Double click on "USB Mass Storage Device". (6) Click on "Device Properties". (7) Click on "Enable". That's it. Your Stealthsurfer is up an Running. I really love this flash drive. I found one software company that sells this technology. But not in a flash drive. The cost? $100 a year. Every year. That's pretty pricey.

Hush Communications in Canada was the manufacturer of the Stealthsurfer, but is no longer in business. I believe their demise was due to such a specialized product. This is not an item the masses would buy. In 2009 I purchased several Stealthsurfers from the company. These are available in 4GB only. They only work with Microsoft Windows XP. Unfortunately Microsoft stopped support for XP on 4-8-14. So now these flash drives do not operate anonymous proxy. So they are just a collectible gadget. I have several of these left. Brand new. They are $25 with $3.50 shipping. Sent in brown bubble mailer for complete protection. Email me with any additional questions at: I only do transactions with Paypal. I've also been a trusted eBay seller (neonguy1956) since 2003 with a 100% feedback rating. Trust, honesty, and integrity is always assured when doing business with me. Take care.